Fiagon Navigation System

When certain types of sinus surgery are necessary, the Fiagon Navigation System is a valuable treatment option. This innovative image-guided system provides surgeons with detailed, real-time views of the sinus cavities during sinus procedures. Using the Fiagon system doctors are able to perform safe, through surgeries, operating with the maximum data concerning the unique anatomy of each patient. With the Fiagon system, surgeons can visualize the location of the instrument tip relative to the structure of the patient’s sinuses with extreme precision.

Image-guided surgery with the Fiagon system may be recommended instead of endoscopic sinus surgery for a number of medical conditions, including revision sinus surgery, surgery to correct deformed sinus anatomy, surgery to remove a large number of polyps and surgery to remove damaged tissue in hard to see recesses of the sinuses. The enhanced visualization provided by the Fiagon system assists the surgeon in avoiding nearby anatomical organs and structures, such as the brain, the carotid artery, and the eye sockets. Since preventing injuries to these areas is always of grave concern, this is a great advantage.

Offering the most reliable accuracy of any device of its kind, the Fiagon system has customizable, procedure-specific settings and automated instrument verification. It is useful for everything from the simplest to the most complex types of image-guided sinus surgery.

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