Nasal Valve Stenosis

Nasal valve stenosis, also known as nasal valve collapse, occurs when the nasal valve, which is the narrowest part of the airway, weakens and falls into the airway during breathing. This may affect one or both sides of the nose and causes a blockage and difficulty breathing.

Nasal Valve Stenosis Causes

Nasal Valve Stenosis

Nasal valve stenosis may be caused by a previous rhinoplasty or nose job that removed some of the supporting tissue of the nose, which may lead to collapse. It also may be the result of a deviated septum in the nose.

Nasal Valve Stenosis Treatments

There are very few conservative treatments available to treat nasal valve stenosis, therefore surgery is often needed to achieve long term results. There are several different surgical techniques that may be used depending on each patient’s individual condition and may vary based on the severity of the tissue that has collapsed.

Cartilage Graft

Supporting and spreading the existing cartilage with a cartilage graft. The graft widens the nasal passageway and prevents future collapse. It also supports the passageway to restore easier breathing.

Nasal Ridge Broadening

Broadening the nasal ridge with a graft. This graft also widens the nasal passageway, making breathing easier.


The valves can be repaired with a suture from the valve area to the bone just under the eye. When the suture is tied, it stretches the valve open.

Permanent Sutures

Placing a permanent suture over the bridge of the nose, attached to the valve cartilages. This procedure is performed through an external incision at the bottom of the nostrils

These procedures are performed under general anesthesia and patients are usually able to return home after a few hours. Patients may experience mild pressure and pain after the procedure, but can usually return to work within a few days.

Nasal valve stenosis repair surgery may include the risk that the appearance of the patient’s nose may be slightly altered following the procedure.

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