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Should You Be Worried About a Nosebleed?

The sight of blood is typically cause for concern. Not only does bleeding signal an injury, it usually signifies a serious one. However, in the case of nosebleeds, most don’t require medical attention and are generally benign. However, there are some instances when nosebleeds should necessitate an immediate visit to the doctor. Knowing the difference between […]

Headache and Stuffy Nose? Why It Could Be Sinusitis

Sinusitis affects more than 31 million Americans in the country each year. With varying degrees of sinusitis, from acute to chronic, many Americans may suffer without knowing what is causing it. Allergies and infections can cause swelling of the sinuses. This inflammation of the sinuses is sinusitis. It can have painful and debilitating symptoms. You may have sinusitis […]

What Causes Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds are a common condition that occurs in most patients at one time or another during their lifetime. They are typically not too serious and can be treated at home. However, in some cases, nosebleeds can be a sign of a more serious condition and may require medical attention. If you are experiencing frequent nosebleeds […]

What Can Cause Recurring Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds can happen to anyone at any time. However, there are typically specific causes of nosebleeds. If you are faced with recurring and chronic nosebleeds, it may be time to speak to a board-certified otolaryngologist, such as Dr. Payam Daneshrad to determine the cause and find an effective solution. At the Daneshrad Clinic, patients can […]

What is vasomotor rhinitis?

Patients who have extensive drainage without actually having a cold or being diagnosed with a respiratory system issue such as a cold or sinusitis may be dealing with a condition known as vasomotor rhinitis. At the Daneshrad Clinic, we routinely see patients with chronic nasal concerns who are looking for relief. Many of these patients […]

What is vasomotor rhinitis?

Patients who deal with swelling of the blood vessels in the nose may find themselves dealing with issues such as nasal congestion and mucus drainage. This, in turn, can be problematic and impact one’s quality of life. Dr. Payam Daneshrad and his team at Daneshrad Clinic of Torrance and Santa Monica, California is a provider […]

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