Can You Develop Allergies in Adulthood?

AllergiesWith over 100 million people in the United States suffering from allergies each year, allergies can be a chronic disease that causes discomfort or even pain. Despite how many suffer from allergies, there persists a lack of knowledge among the general public concerning allergies. At the Daneshrad Clinic not only can we help with your allergies, today, we will help you understand allergies. Let’s take a look at how allergies develop, how new allergies may form, and what we can do to cure allergies.

How Allergies Develop

Allergies, or rather the bodily reaction to allergens, the foreign substance that enters the body which could be things such as pollen, is caused by your immune system flagging the substance as an ‘invader’. This flagging system endures and, should the flagged substance reenter the body, the alarm sounds and your body exhibits signs of an allergic reaction.

Why Do We Develop New Allergies And Lose Old Ones?

The current scientific body of research remains inconclusive as to the precise cause of allergies. As mentioned before, there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to allergies. As new studies are conducted, the scientific knowledge of allergies will deepen.

In the meantime, science currently does have well-supported theories. The leading theory is that changes to your allergies are caused by immune system disruptions. These disruptions can be events such as puberty or chronic illnesses. What the data so far does suggest is that if you already have an allergy, then you have a greater chance of developing a new allergy later on in life.

Are There Allergy Cures?

Despite the many unknowns about allergies, we do know effective treatments. There are many over-the-counter medications you can take to help alleviate allergy symptoms and, if your allergies are seasonal or temporary, this may be an entirely acceptable solution. However, if your allergies are more perpetual or unresponsive to allergy medications, you may need to try a greater solution by seeking the help of a doctor.

Explore Immunotherapy at Daneshrad Clinic For Allergies

In some cases, your immune system can be trained to limit or eliminate its response to allergens.. At Daneshrad Clinic, we offer immunotherapy, which is the introduction of allergens to get your immune system to better tolerate allergens.

Your allergy treatment begins with a comprehensive diagnostic utilizing a two-part test. Allergens are applied to the outer skin and then some allergens just beneath the surface of the skin. The two-part test allows us to determine with greater accuracy what you are allergic to. If somehow these tests are inconclusive, we also utilized a blood test to better determine the effect allergens are having on your body.

We then begin treatment by increasing your body’s tolerance to your allergens. This is done by introducing allergens into your body by injection or sublingual drops. In each treatment, the concentration of allergens is increased gradually. The process for both takes time, with injections needing to be administered once a week and drops needing to be taken every three to seven days.

To learn more about how our allergy treatment is designed to help, you can read our page at If you’d like to schedule an appointment please click here to schedule an appointment, or call us at 310-453-6500.

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