Why do I have a chronic runny nose?

During certain times of the year, it may be common for patients to experience nasal congestion and runny noses. This may be during cold season or environmental changes during allergy season. But what if you are dealing with a chronic runny nose? What if medications and other conservative methods have failed to work in clearing your congestion? Patients who struggle with a chronic runny nose need to have an evaluation done to find the source of their problem. Below are just a few reasons why a patient may be struggling with this problem:

  • Chronic sinusitis – when the nasal and sinus cavities are inflamed and swollen for over three months, most doctors will diagnose a condition known as chronic sinusitis. This can impact the way in which the mucus drains and can cause the nose to become stuffy or runny. The condition often makes it difficult to breathe through the nose, and can interrupt all areas of one’s life, including their ability to sleep.
  • Allergies – environmental and seasonal allergens may cause patients to experience long periods of runny and stuffy nose. By getting an allergy test, many patients are able to pinpoint their allergies and avoid exposure whenever possible. Some patients deal with a variety of indoor and outdoor allergies, and may need to take allergy medication daily to manage their symptoms.
  • Deviated septum – when a patient has an improper balance to the wall between the nasal passages, called the nasal septum, it is often referred to as a deviated septum. When severe, it can impact the ability for air to flow through the nose and cause a blockage that can cause several problems, including a runny nose.
  • Nasal polyps – soft growths that develop along the lining of the nasal passage are called nasal polyps and can result in a runny or stuffy nose. These noncancerous growths are a result of chronic inflammation and may be related to immune disorders, asthma, and allergies.

Are you dealing with chronic sinus conditions?

It might be time to work with a doctor to evaluate your condition and get a proper diagnosis for finding effective treatment and relief. Patients in the area of Torrance and Santa Monica, CA are invited to book an appointment with our board—certified orolaryngologist by calling our office at (310) 453-6500. We have two convenient locations in the area and welcome new patients to Daneshrad Clinic.

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